RADIUS attribute from microsoft


MS-RAS-Client-Name is a vendor-specific attribute (VSA). 
      It is used to specify the name of the endpoint generating a request.
      The fields of the MS-RAS-Client-Name VSA MUST be set as follows:

            Vendor-Type: An 8-bit unsigned integer that MUST be set to 0x22 for MS-RAS-Client-Name.

            Vendor-Length: An 8-bit unsigned integer that MUST be set to 2 added to the length 
            of the Attribute-Specific Value field. Its value MUST be at least 3 and less than 36.

            Attribute-Specific Value: This field MUST be the machine name of the endpoint that 
            requests network access, sent in ASCII format, and MUST be null terminated. A valid 
            character set includes the symbols ! @ # $ % ^ & ' ) ( . - _ { } ~ in addition 
            to letters and numbers.

      When the RADIUS server receives this VSA, it MUST search the PolicyConfiguration.RASClientName 
      ADM element for the value of the VSA. If a match is not found, the server SHOULD send an 
      Access-Reject message to the NAS and stop processing.

      If the clientName parameter of the SendRadiusAccessRequest abstract interface is set to NULL, 
      this attribute MUST NOT be set. Otherwise, the attribute-specific value is obtained by serializing 
      the clientName parameter to the format described above.