Secure WiFi

The security needed for wireless networks in business environments.

idBlender offers individualized and centralized control over the access to your WiFi network.

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"Partnership with idBlender made it increadibly simple to improve network security and control for us and our clients."


Edvinas Rajuncas


Enterprise Grade Security

WPA2-Enterprise security protocol uses certificates or unique username and password for every user. This mode provides the security needed for wireless networks in business environments.

What is WPA2-Enterprise?

Manage Team Member Access

Add team members to your network and manage team permissions in one unified management portal.

Security is your concern.

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Quick Setup

Use idBlender to move your organition to a controlled wireless network in less than one hour.

Swift setup for a smooth customer experience.

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A live demonstration aims to showcase you the solution in action and answer all questions you might have about how idBlender can put you in control of your network.