Make Your Business WiFi Secure

Access management platform connecting employee identities with employer networks.

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We Make Your WiFi Secure

Individual WiFi login credentials for everyone

Seamless access

Your team can work securely from office or home
curl -X POST "" \
-H"accept: application/json" \
-H"Content-Type: application/json" \
-d"{\"username\":\"[email protected]_\",\"password\":\"_PSWD_\"}"

curl -X POST "" \
-H"accept: application/json" \
-H"Content-Type: application/json" \
-d"{\"username\":\"[email protected]_\",\"password\":\"_PSWD_\"}"

curl -X POST "" \
-H"accept: application/json" \
-H"Content-Type: application/json" \
-d"{\"service_id\":\"_UID_\", \"username\":\"_NAME_\", \"password\":\"_PSWD_\", \"enabled\":true, \"profile\":{\"name\":\"_STRING_\", \"phone\":\"_STRING_\", \"email\":\"_STRING_\"}, \"settings\":{\"attributes\":{},\"auth\":\"_STRING_\"}}"
Coming soon...
Coming soon...

Start Cloud RADIUS server with a few lines of code

Let's start a service and create first user. Grab the code below and paste it into your terminal.

Get up and running in 11 minutes. We have a robust set of enterprise grade APIs and comprehensive documentation so you can spend less time configuring WiFi security and more time building cool stuff. Here’s what needs to get done:

  • 1

    Create your account and login to the system

  • 2
    Create users

    Import or create users (identities) manually

  • 3
    Setup network

    Configure devices to use idBlender RADIUS servers

  • 4
    Start using

    Deliver WiFi connection details to users

Full endpoint documentation

Read docs

Do more with an end-to-end solution

Why idBlender is the right choice for you

Cloud hosted RADIUS

No servers, no storage, no configuring, no maintenance — we will takes care of it all. Eliminate the complexity.

Enterprise grade security

Get WPA2-Enterprise with 802.1X Authentication out of the box.

Monitoring and redundancy

With managed service, backups and failover procedures rest easy knowing your infrastructure is always on.

Full-Featured API

Robust set of APIs and comprehensive documentation so you can integrate easily.


Whether you are small business of fast growing company idBlender is designed to seamlessly scale with you.

Support is here to help you

We believe in assisting our clients in every step of the way. If you are having difficulties just contact us.