RADIUS attribute from microsoft


MS-Network-Access-Server-Type is a VSA used to specify the type of the network access server making the request.

      The fields of MS-Network-Access-Server-Type MUST be set as follows:
            Vendor-Type: An 8-bit unsigned integer that MUST be set to 0x2F.
            Vendor-Length: An 8-bit unsigned integer that MUST be set to 6.
            Attribute-Specific Value: A 32-bit unsigned integer in network byte order that MUST 
            indicate the type of the NAS. The value MUST be interpreted in accordance with the following table:
                  0x00000000              Unspecified
                  0x00000001              Terminal Server Gateway
                  0x00000002              Remote Access Service (RAS) server (VPN or dial-in)
                  0x00000003              DHCP server
                  0x00000005              Health Registration Authority (HRA)
                  0x00000006              Host Credential Authorization Protocol (HCAP) server
                  All Other Values        A tag value used to identify applicable network access policies on the RADIUS server.
        FreeRADIUS Vendor-Specific dictionary values:
0 - Unspecified 1 - Terminal-Server-Gateway 2 - Remote-Access-Server 3 - DHCP-Server 4 - Wireless-Access-Point 5 - HRA 6 - HCAP-Server