RADIUS attribute from microsoft


When a NAS receives this attribute, it MUST assign the extended Quarantine state specified by this 
    attribute, to the client requesting access. 
    This attribute is used in NAP scenarios.

    This attribute further qualifies the level of network access that the RADIUS server 
    authorizes to the endpoint. When a network access server receives this attribute from 
    a RADIUS server in an Access-Accept message, it MAY combine the value of this attribute 
    with the value of MS-Quarantine-State attribute in an implementation specific manner.
    The MS-Extended-Quarantine-State VSA is used to specify additional information about 
    a restricted access decision by a RADIUS server.
      The fields of MS-Extended-Quarantine-State MUST be set as follows:
      Vendor-Type: An 8-bit unsigned integer that MUST be set to 0x39.
      Vendor-Length: An 8-bit unsigned integer that MUST be set to 6.
      Attribute-Specific Value: A 32-bit unsigned integer in network-byte order that 
      MUST contain one of the following values.
      0x00000000 No data
      0x00000001 Transition
      0x00000002 Infected
      0x00000003 Unknown
        FreeRADIUS Vendor-Specific dictionary values:
1 - Transition 2 - Infected 3 - Unknown 4 - No-Data