TP-Link EAP Series RADIUS setup instructions

Setup guide

TP-Link Business WiFi Omada EAP Series access point instructions to setup WPA2-Enterprise security mode and RADIUS.

EAP series products can either work under the control of the Omada Controller software or work independently as a standalone access point. These instructions shows you how to setup standalone EAP.

  • 1
    Login to Access Point management panel

    Instructions how to get to management panel here.

  • 2
    Go to Wireless settings

    Select menu item Wireless and sub-menu Wireless Settings

  • 3
    Modify SSID settings

    Choose SSID (WiFi name) from the list that you want to configure.

  • 4
    Enable WPA Enterprise

    In Security Mode select choose WPA-Enterprise mode

  • 5
    Set RADIUS settings

    Set RADIUS fields with provided values

TPLink EAP series setup RADIUS