Teltonika RUT Series RADIUS setup instructions

Setup guide

This article contains step-by-step instructions on how use idBlender together with Teltonika RUTx routers.

  • 1
    Login to router management panel

    Login to your router's WebUI. You can do this by entering the router's LAN IP address ( by default) into the URL field of your web browser.

  • 2
    Go to Network > Wireless settings

    Create new or modify existing Wireless access point.

  • 3
    Enable WPA2 EAP

    Open the 'Wireless Security' tab and set Encryption to WPA2-EAP.

  • 5
    Set RADIUS settings

    Set RADIUS fields with your idBlender account WiFi service provided values.

Official instructions from Teltonika setup guide.

Teltonika RUT series setup